🦾 Why you should be happy right now

Because you've prepared and you know khow to think for yourself

Fellow human,

Life is really simple. You don’t need a whole lot..

Friends, family, good food, sleep, nature, exercise, conversations, some entertainment, and challenging work.

That’s why I’m optimistic.

I’m the most optimistic and peaceful I’ve been in 2 years.

The covid hysteria and tyranny around the world make me smile.. they are losing control. They pretend they aren’t. It’s why this is all happening.

The Internet has demolished their hold on information and truth. It’s why all governments and media around the world have become complete shitshows.

I’ve prepared my family. We have what we need to go anywhere regardless of what happens. We happen to be in Texas, so we’re lucky to be in the most pro-freedom state there is right now. But I don’t care much either way because we will leave if we have to.

I’ve never cared much about American culture. I don’t enjoy the culture, the food, the entertainment, or any of the mainstream whatever. So leaving doesn’t scare me one bit—it’d actually be awesome, I’m sure.

That’s the definition of being antifragile—you gain from disorder.

If things go wonky, we get a better life. My Bitcoin soars. And all the prep I did would pay off.

If it doens’t go wonky, due to the bureaucrat’s addiction to printing money, my Bitcoin will keep growing and protecting my family. I’m good either way.

What to expect below:

  • 🇺🇸 How a society collapses

  • 🛩 A Bear hug saves his child’s life

  • ﻠ Mainstream media is dying - do they know it?

📰 News and Stuff 🚨

A few examples of the stupidity and hypocrisy of the world.

Abd this is how society collapses,  one brainwashed identify politicking moron at a time

When see one truth, you must see the rest

Damn ✊


Complete scum. People like her make her living by saying incorrect shit that’s usually the opposite of the truth.

They use this tactic to get comments, likes, and impressions. Pure engagement whoring.


So perfect

The most important book ever written

I’m leaving this here because it’s that important. Have you read this yet?

I recommend Audible because the voice narration is excellent.

A post shared by Colin Stuckert (@colinstuckert)

This may be one of the most important books ever written.

The “drifters” in society explain everything that’s going on today… and this was written in 1938!

This was recommended at our mastermind Wednesday night. By Thursday night, I had read half of it. By Friday, I’m almost done. Audible is key and listening every chance you get—doing dishes, taking a walk, driving, changing your clothes, brushing your teeth, etc., and using 2x speed.

I implore you, right now, today, to BUY THIS BOOK AND START READING IT. And do not stop before you get to the Devil part.

🔥 Useful $HIT CORNER 🔥

🇺🇸 On this day in 1894 → US invades Nicaragua. Overthrows Pres Zelaya. Why are Americans ever surprised the rest of the world hates us so much? Our politicians have been pillaging and killing since the dawn of the nation.

🍄 How-to → Think for yourself. This one is elegantly simple. Stop accepting anything you hear and see. Everything. Then from that blank canvas, build from the ground up. (I said it was simple, not easy or fast.)

🏃‍♀️Running sucks → I see people running and on the treadmill at the gym. What a waste of time. Generally, people think this is how they get their “cardio,” which they usually link to their weight loss efforts. There’s a reason why you see the same people doing the same routines staying at the same weight—it doens’t work. Eat lots of protein and low carb/low sugar and no seed oils, then lift weights 2-5 times a week, then walk a lot, then sleep a lot, then get a lot of sunlight. ← That’s how you lose weight and keep it off.

🦾 How to be dangerous → Prepare. Then sleep soundly at night.

🧠 Mind-boggling facts mob mentality → Research shows that it only takes 5% of a crowd to influence the other 95%.

🍦We’ve been making homemade ice cream every single day. There’s an inflection point when you use just enough sweetness (maple syrup, honey, or organic cane sugar is what we use + raw milk) where you can make a valid argument that this is “healthy ice cream.” Here is a recipe to try.

💔 600K Americans die each year from heart disease. This is a preventable, lifestyle-related disease. Where has the government been on this? Oh right, pushing a food pyramid through Big Medical that actually supports Big Pharma and promotes more sick people.

🧘 The Now is all you have… always and forever.

🧠 It’s all thought → You are either completely happy right now and have everything you need or you aren’t. And guess what the difference is? Choice of thought.

🍵 My daily morning gut health routine

I take the Organifi Pure powder + the balance in water each morning.

Since getting food poisoning last year, my gut health has been an ongoing issue. I’ve dealt with allergies flaring up and recurring fatigue, all linked to my gut. I can’t stand it when I lose a day to feel like shit. Being hyper-sensitive to how I spend my time is one of the reasons I prioritize my health so much.

What I love about Organifi products is their simple single-serve solutions that you add to water or your fav drink and it’s ready to go. Makes things super easy and fast.

Better Human readers can get 20% off using code BETTERHUMAN over at Organifi.com

💬 A Quote To Ponder

“Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is essentially your own.”

-Bruce Lee

The human mind struggles with this. It desires complete agreement and blind trust in others and the group. This mental asset served us well in the wild but is now a defect in a world with 8 billion humans. Rise above your biology.

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