🦾 The MSM at it again

Why you should focus on the big hard things and let go of the rest

Fellow human,

One of the hard things in life is doing the hard things.

It's easy to do the easy shit that feels good. These give you dopamine hits that make you feel productive.

The reality is, it's the big things that matter.

For example, I have a few big projects I'm working on. And I find myself putting them off. Then I thought about what step in the process I'm in—the idea, decision, research phase—and how I could get most of that to a workable "done" within 2 hours of focused effort.

So today, I'm spending the 2 hours on getting this "big thing" done.

If you can make it a habit each day of your life to spend a couple of hours and do the big things, you'll be successful.

It's a simple as that. And as hard.

What to expect below:

  • Some stuff on sex

  • Why MSM is so damn bad

  • Again: The most important book ever written

📰 News and Stuff 🚨

The media is so bad I can’t even look at it without wanting to vomit.

So news has been waning here because it’s just so damn terrible.

Below are some screenshots from Axios. 🤮

This has become so blatantly propaganda that people don’t even realize it—it’s just the water around them they don’t know is there.

Race is a manmade invention. The more we talk about it and try to control it the stupider and dumber and less equal we get.

The economy is a house of cards about fall. Yet they look at the stock market, which is not based on economic reality and is instead the result of inflation and money printing, and then say, “The economy is great!”

Complete propaganda.

And ESG is a complete scam, as is all the wind/solar/carbon nonsense.

The entire carbon narrative is like the food propaganda in this country. Focus on the thing that isn’t the problem (eating healthy animal proteins and fats) and create pretend interventions to “fix” it while ignoring the real problem (seed oils, refined grains, sugar).

The real danger to Earth is soil and polluting our waterways. But that’s just not profitable to create an entire corporate money-fueled narrative around. So it hasn’t taken hold because it hasn’t been pushed aggressively for years by the politicians, corporations, and MSM.

The most important book ever written

I’m leaving this here because it’s that important.

Have you read this yet?

I recommend Audible because the voice narration is excellent.

A post shared by Colin Stuckert (@colinstuckert)

Might be one of the most important books ever written, especially today.

The “drifters” in society explain everything that’s going on today… and this was written in 1938!

This was recommended at our mastermind Wednesday night. By Thursday night, I had read half of it. By Friday, I’m almost done. Audible is key and listening every chance you get—doing dishes, taking a walk, driving, changing your clothes, brushing your teeth, etc., and using 2x speed.

I implore you, right now, today, to BUY THIS BOOK AND START READING IT. And do not stop before you get to the Devil part.

🔥 Useful $HIT CORNER 🔥

🇺🇸 On this day in 1943 → During WW II German planes destroyed most of Coventry England

🍄 How-to listen better → Be in the moment. Ask questions. Nod. Mirror their movements and tone of voice and talking speed.

🦾 How to be dangerous → Know how to hold a knife, handle a gun, load a clip, shoot a bow, do a pull-up, deadlift your body weight, squat at least half your body weight, swim well.

🧠 Mind-boggling facts about sex → Leave your socks on to increase chance of orgasm → People talk about sex more now but have less of it → 75% of women don’t orgasm from regular sex

🐝 Honey is produced from bees regurgitating nectar on the hive and allowing it to ripen.

🧄 If the recipe calls for sauteeing onions and garlic, do onion first. Garlic burns faster. Time your ingredients. (And use more salt than you do.)

🥚 Make a batch of soft-boiled eggs every week. There is no better fast protein snack.

🧘 “[on the secret to a happy, content life] “Do you want to know what my secret is? I don’t mind what happens.” -Jiddu Krishnamurti. The more you accept and the less you try to control, the more likely you are to get what you want. Study the Tao.

🧠 You are exactly what you allow into your eyes and ears. If you don’t control your environment, it will control you. This includes the content you consume, the people you let gossip or complain to you, and everything in between.

🍵 My daily morning gut health routine

I take the Pure powder + the balance in water.

What I love about Organifi products is their simple single-serve solutions that you add to water or your fav drink and it’s ready to go. Makes things super easy and fast.

Better Human readers can get 20% off using code BETTERHUMAN over at Organifi.com

💬 A Quote To Ponder

Our society places a huge premium on "intelligence"—and frankly, I think it's kind of overrated. I'll write about this some other time. There's plenty of attributes more important than intelligence—work ethic, honesty, loyalty, awareness, persistence, empathy, diplomacy, things like that. For most important things in life, I'd take a hard working, honest, loyal, aware, persistent, empathetic, tactful person who had even below average book smarts over an intelligent person lacking those attributes. 

-Ikigai by Sebastian Marshall

🎙 Better Human Podcast 🎙

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The next few years will probably be wonky.

But I’m optimistic, a lot more than I was the last 18 months.

Here’s why:

🤑 Corruption


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My goal is to help you opt-out of the system. To escape the Matrix that profits from your confusion and oppression. When you start living and thinking for yourself, everything in your life changes for the better. Everything.

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