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The Better Human is about becoming sovereign in your health, wealth, and mind.

I believe we should all opt-out of society so we can opt back in on our own terms. That’s Better Human.

Better Humans think for themselves. They challenge everything because they know iron sharpens iron.

About me

Who am I? I’m a retired father, investor, founder, entrepreneur. My career went like this: professional poker player, start a juice bar, start a CrossFit/MMA gym (still exists!), move to Austin to start fresh, found Wild Foods, exit six years later, hire, fire, write, think, and deal with the hardships of business and life throughout the process, have kids, read a lot, think about the meaning of life, rebel, opt out of the broken status quo, realized most of the world is a lie, pursue Truth and use it to make money, own my time, and master my mind. I am now figuring out how to share some of that with the world while self-actualizing and pursuing a life of self-created meaning.

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Colin Stuckert
Better humans for a better world. We are all responsible for that.