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What is Better Human About

I’m a pro-human human.

Not this anti-human, have no impact, politically and financially charged BS climate narrate. (Hint: if you want to know what the real environmental crisis is, look at our soil. Goodbye soil = goodbye humanity. And no one’s talking about it.)

I actively attack the status quo.

Dogma and bias are my enemies. They are yours, too though you may not realize it.

So I’ll do my best to help you see it for what it is—a broken world based on highly concentrated forms of power and wealth propped up by propaganda.

The Better Human is about becoming an independent-minded human sovereign in health, wealth, body, and mind.

To do this, as you’ll quickly figure out, you have to remove all of the societal and cultural bullshit that’s been incepted into your mind your entire life.

That unlearning process is hard, and it takes time. But at the other end, there is a rebirth, and from it your ultimate power.

It is also the most dangerous thing you can become, and why the incumbents that benefit from the broken system attack anything and everything that threatens their monopoly on the narrative.

Better Humans are dangerous.

But so it is the Matrix that most people live in. This mass groupthink experiment has become a mass psychosis.

You have to ask yourself, which dangerous do you want to be?

The one that makes the world a better place by giving the sovereignty back to the people through individual choice and critical thinking, or the one that leads further into a dystopian future with a few select corporate overlords telling you what to eat, what to think, and how to live?

The choice is yours.

About me

I’m Colin. I podcast. I entrepreneur shit. I father two boys. I read a lot. I love humans. I despise groupthink and conformity and centralized power structures.

My mission it to help build a bajillion better humans.

Current focus:

Social Media