The AM5 - Oct 25, 2020

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Fellow human,

You have to decide.

I believe most of the problems we face are a result of indecision.

Many people float through life with no principles or code, defaulting to whatever is around them.

This makes everything difficult and fragile.

How can you make decisions when you don’t really know what you want?

How do you attract the people you want when you’re just emulating others?

How do you take responsibility for your life if you don’t make decisions for yourself?

These are not rhetorical reminders, but questions we all need to ask and answer for ourselves.

I get it, there are many reasons to keep to yourself and to keep your true feelings, beliefs, and identity hidden under a façade of “normal.”

You’ll definitely get less grief from the outside world that way. Though I wonder how much angst you will cause your inner self that wants to come out and live free.

To truly actualize as an individual, you have to make decisions for yourself…. hard decisions.

Many of these decisions may require upsetting the status quo around you, whether that be family, friends, co-workers, profession, etc.

There’s almost nothing in life that does not come with a cost. The very idea that we should seek the easy path of least resistance is an illusion because doing so is often the very thing that makes us fragile and unhappy.

Human beings are forever discontent. We have our ancestors to thank for that and Mother Nature herself. This discontentedness kept us searching out food, sex, and greener pastures because that was most conducive for our species to survive in the harsh wild.

Today, these biological urges get us into trouble in more ways than one.

Today, we get our biological needs met on-demand, which leaves us searching for “more” with all the extra time on our hands that the modern world grants us.

This poses an entirely new set of problems our species did not have face in the wild.

Without going further down the evolutionary rabbit hole, let’s focus on a constant in the human experience.

Human growth and development comes through hardship. In the past, Mother Nature was our master, and our ancestors were forced to live a certain way.

Today, the modern environment is defined by ease and comfort.

We have removed nature from the equation. We can live any way we want, for better or worse.

As a result, those thriving today are those that think and act in a way that brings out the best expression of human biology in this modern environment.

  • Food is always available -> Individuals that control what they eat optimize their weight and health.

  • Comfort is always available -> To grow, you must pursue hard things.

  • Lying is easy and convenient -> Truth is hard to accept for most, but those that do always get better results.

  • Thinking expends energy -> Our ancestors didn’t have to think too much, they just responded to the environment whereas today we must think about EVERYTHING we do because we have infinite choice. Those that delegate their thinking to others are always taking a big risk.

For brevity sake, here are some things to think about:

  • Decide who you are and what you want from life

  • Think hard

  • Never delegate important decisions to someone else

  • Question and challenge everything, especially your own thoughts and beliefs

  • Do hard things

  • Embrace difficulty as necessary for a balanced life

  • Seek truth and kill bias

If you don’t decide who you are going to be in life, someone else will decide for you.

In that case, who knows what life you’ll get.

I don’t know about you, but I will decide for myself.

-Colin Stuckert

Source: Direct Truth by Kapil Gupta



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