The AM5 - Nov 21, 2020

No more current events, Real Money, passports, and focusing on what you can control

Fellow human,

I thought I was going to start covering politics and current events.

I was wrong.

So I recorded a video titled, “Why I No Longer Care About The "Great Reset" And Other Globalist Nonsense (The Human Spirit).”

The gist is:

  1. I can’t change what happens in the world around me

  2. Focusing on these things sap my mental energy and happiness and become another form of fear porn (the very thing I criticize then mainstream media for)

  3. I enjoy big ideas centered around positivity, growth, and effectiveness

So I’ve corrected my 2020 detour back to things that fill me up.

Now, this doesn’t mean i”m sticking my head in the sand.

I’ve already done a lot of preparation. Here are a few things I’ve done in 2020 to prepare my family. I go into this more in-depth in this guide on my website.

  • Liquidated most of my stocks and moved the dollars into gold, silver, and Bitcoin.

  • Renewed passports for the entire family

  • Looked into second citizenship options in different countries (have a few places in mind I may pursue)

  • Researched real estate in different countries if push comes to shove and we relocate

  • Stocked up on food at home as well as guns and ammo and other essential supplies

  • Brushed up on my history

The two things everyone can do—you should do—are buy some gold, silver, and Bitcoin in whatever mix you can afford right now. Keep some cash on hand too.

Then get your passports.

If that was all you did, you will sleep FAR BETTER at night in the coming months and years. Don’t be one of the many poor souls that get caught up in the mad dash to get these things when the rest of the country or world starts going after them. That’s when prices will soar and you could literally be stuck in your home country simply because the passport turnaround is now months behind.

I can’t tell you how it feels to sleep at night knowing I have real money the government can’t take from me or print away. They could try outlawing bitcoin, but they will never get it from me and that will actually end up making it more valuable.

The same goes for gold and silver, some of which I keep on me and the rest in third-party vaults around the world. (I use OneGold for this. Super simple to get started.)

My warning to you should you decide to “take the red pill” and go down one or more of these rabbit holes is this: be careful.

You can quickly find yourself obsessing about things over which you have no control. For me, as someone that likes to feel confident about my future, this created a lot of angst. So I stopped and returned to the basics of focusing on my life and what I can control.

-Colin Stuckert


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“I only really want to do things for their own sake. That is one definition of art. Whether it’s business, exercise, romance, friendship, whatever, I think the meaning of life is to do things for their own sake. Ironically, when you do things for their own sake, you create your best work. Even if you’re just trying to make money, you will actually be the most successful.”

-The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: A Guide to Wealth and Happiness (p. 56)



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