The AM5 - Nov 1, 2020

My favorite book of 2020, Less is More, Deep Work, and Choice

Fellow human,

The best book of 2020 for me is Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less

This book is so necessary for our modern age.

So many people are overworked and on the constant hamster wheel of more more more.

2020 has forced me to think hard about my schedule, my work, and what I want for my life as I balance goals with having two young kids at home.

The key takeaways from the book I’m using to rethink my working routine include:

4-5 hours of intense work is often the foundation of world-class performers

Personally, I feel my best if I get in even a couple hours of deep focused work on a daily basis.

My goal is to build a 4-5 hour session each day that is undisturbed. I’m working on the time and the place and then making it my focus to protect this time each day no matter what.

Sabbaticals and days off are integral to longterm production and sustainability

I don’t do this enough. I have a hard time taking a single day off.

I don’t think that’s inherently bad because I do enjoy what I do, but there is a case to be made for completely stepping away from work for periods of time.

I’m planning a one-week NO WORK mini-sabbatical soon.

Active rest, especially physical activities, are used by top performers

I play racquetball twice a week and exercise regularly. What I want to add to my routine are more outdoor activities and possibly some team sports.

I always always feel better after I get 2 solid days of racquetball in. This fills me with energy both physically and mentally.

The daily walk is a game-changer

I regularly promote the daily walk as a simple way to get vitamin D and movement into one’s daily routine.

This book reaffirmed the importance of walking for creative output.

The one tweak I am making to my daily walking routine is to go without my phone. I usually bring my AirPods so I can listen to an audiobook.

But much of the creative benefit from walking comes from letting the mind wander. So my goal is to use my daily walk as a detachment from anything external so my mind can get a break and explore whatever it needs to explore.


I highly recommend reading the book.

A final note I want to mention is this: most people don’t engineer their time. Instead, they fall into habits and patterns based on their environment.

This is a sure-fire way to feel rushed and stressed and unproductive.

If you want true control over your life and results, you need to think hard about how you want to spend your time and then build that system through constant iteration.

This applies to more than just work; this is life.

If you don’t choose your life for yourself, someone else will.

-Colin Stuckert


The Almank of Naval Ravikant - get the free PDF here.

  • Listen to Naval on the Tim Ferris podcast (two shows). He is worth every minute.

Direct Truth

  • I just finished this book. I’m going to read it again soon. It’s that good.

Books I’m currently working through:

  • Infinite Jest

  • Getting Results The Agile Way

  • The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect (Sci-fi classic)

  • Permutation City (Sci-fi classic)

  • Neuromancer (Sci-fi classic)


"If you eat, invest, and think according to what the 'news' advocates, you'll end up nutritionally, financially, and morally bankrupt."

-Naval Ravikant



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