Simplicity, Speaking Up, Speaking Your Truth, How To Use Social Media and 😂 at humans

The Better Human Newsletter June 28th


I've been obsessed with simplicity lately.

I've been simplifying my life, my business, my work, everything.

It's not an easy thing. It's also not an overnight thing.

You have to iterate, learn and adapt as you go.

The rewards are worth it.

You get a deeper life, deeper focus, and more fulfillment.

It's also the antidote to our constantly distracted world.

Squeaky wheel gets the grease

My grandfather always used to say this.

I didn't get this until I was older.

Now I use the same line often.

It's amazing how people keep things bottled up.

Then when they finally come out with it and have all these emotions tied up that grew from that festering inside process.

I've seen this in partners, employees, friends, family.

We expect other people to read our minds.

We expect other people to see/think/hear/feel the same way we do.

We expect things that we should not expect.

And we hurt ourselves and others in the process.

What's better is candor. Be straight, to the point, and honest.

If you're feeling a certain way, explain you're feeling that way. Don't accuse.

Don't tell someone that they are "making you feel X." That's an accusation, and it's not fair to blame anyone for how you feel (really, it's not).

Only you decide what you feel.

Instead, try explaining how you feel about the situation or specific action rather than making it about the person.

More than anything, be as forthcoming as soon as possible.

Don't bottle things up… unless you truly let them go.

If you can let things go and not let resentment creep into your subconscious, then you should probably do that as much as possible.

People need space, grace, and the ability to be imperfect beings as they are.

The more you can take responsibility for your emotions over expecting too much from people, the more you'll get what you want.

Use social media instead of letting it use you

If you use the default settings of a social media app, you are the one being used. You become the product.

If you approach a social media app with care, you can find a way to use it rather than letting it use you.


Instagram: don't go in the feed. Don't follow anyone if possible or only a few select accounts. Post stories and feeds and do lives.

Twitter: mute and block everyone discussing politics or gossip or negativity. Use it to post and only follow EXACTLY the content you want to see.

Facebook: don't; use it. It sucks.

Clubhouse: meh, I don't like it.

Social media is a tool for your use, or you are a tool for its use.

Choose wisely.

The importance of following up

People are more distracted than ever, and most are not good at managing themselves.

You may notice how people are slower to respond to text messages than before.

I've noticed a trend that more and more people respond to text messages hours or days later.

The danger lies in taking it personally.


Also, pick up the phone.

Calling people is a power play at this point. People respect it. They respond faster. They'll pick up more than you think. And they'll at least feel the need to call you back.

Right under that comes voice memos.

It's incredible how voice memos come with a near 100% reply rate.

The reason people are getting worse at replying is they are more distracted than ever.

That and the fact that most people suck at managing themselves and their attention is why you should never take reply time personally. And def don't start telling yourself stories about it either.

I'm an entrepreneur. I use email tools like boomerang to make sure emails come back to me. It's been a superpower of mine for years to make sure people get back to me.

It's incredible what falls through the cracks when you don't follow up. It's equally amazing what gets done when you make sure it gets done.

Don't assume malice when incompetence or forgetfulness is more likely.

Give people a break. Call them.

Don't expect people to operate on your clock. They have their own clock.

You'll create more and better relationships by removing toxic expectations from your life.

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My struggle with motivation

*I’ve been struggling with motivation because I don’t know what my vision is*

When I had a singular purpose in my business, I was focused and had no time for extensional questions about what I should be doing with my time.

I just got to it.

It’s liberating.

Now my life is shifting into another phase—a phase with more space and more time.

And that’s great since I have a young family, but it does not come without challenge.

For 15 years, I’ve been driven and focused on reaching my goals.

Now that I have checked a few off my list, it feels strange not to know what’s next.

When I was younger, ignorance and arrogance joined forces to make me determined and persistent.

In many ways, that tunnel vision is excellent.

As I get older and wiser, I become less sure. I feel like I know more and less at the same time—quite the paradox.

I’m sure this is a good thing, though it doesn’t necessarily feel that way.

It’s something I’m working through.

Your life is choice

Everything is choice.

Happiness is choice.

Success is choice.

Relationships are choice.

What you get is choice.

What you give is choice.

And how you respond to everything in your life is a choice.

There is nothing good or bad in your life—there is only how you will choose to respond.

That’s the secret of life hidden to many.

Better Man article: Why Women Take Advantage of Men

Read it here.

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It’s short. Then you die.

You’ll have regrets.

You’ll disappoint people and yourself.

You’ll miss out on amazing experiences.

You’ll probably not do everything you wanted.

And it all matters—or it doesn’t—if you say it does.

It’s all choice.

You decide whether you will be happy and content with what you have or if you’ll choose self-inflicted suffering by focusing on what you don’t.

You’ll decide to be in the moment and direct your attention, or you’ll live in the future that doesn’t exist.

The Better Human Podcast Network

I’ve decided to do more podcasts!

Here are a few I’m working on and thinking about:

Better Human (Main show)

Better Man (Just launched, 20 episodes pre-recorded)

Better Finance (show one done, more to come, launching soon)

Better Relationships (Idea)

Better Life (Big ideas for life… idea)

Better Success (Idea)

I think I’ll post these to the main BH podcast feed (here) then also post each show to its own feed so that they are all organized neatly.

I’ve decided to reactivate my podcast passion. It’s been waining lately (as all my work has). But podcasting matters to me for various reasons, so I have to keep doing it.

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Interesting Fact

Did you know that 7% of American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows?

Reminds me of this George Carlin quote: "Think about how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of 'em are stupider than that."

Don’t get me wrong: I love my fellow humans. I want to help them.

But we have to also laugh at how stupid our species can be.

This Day in History

The Stonewall Riots begin in NYC’s Greenwich Village

Sometime after midnight on June 28, 1969, in what is now regarded by many as history’s first major protest on behalf of equal rights for LGBTQ people, a police raid of the Stonewall Inn—a popular gay club located on New York City's Christopher Street—turns violent as patrons and local sympathizers begin rioting against the authorities.

BH POD: The Basics of Money and Financial Freedom

This stuff is really really simple and really really really important.

Yet when was the last time you calculated your net worth or how much you spend and make each month?

Few do this. Some have never done it.

How do you improve something you don’t measure?

You can’t.

🎙 The Basics of Money and Financial Freedom

Bitcoin And Defi

I’ve been exploring Defi projects because it is fun/speculative for me, and I’m 100% ok with that.

That doesn’t detract from my Bitcoin maximalism.

The Bitcoin Twitter community has lost allure for me with the recent Robert Breedlove fiasco.

Basically, he tweeted about exploring Bitclout as a project and was thoroughly attacked and ostracized by the Bitcoin community he helped build.

This tribalism nonsense is pathetic.

Intelligence is holding two conflicting ideas in your head and still being able to function.

And I get it; many that dive into Bitcoin cannot detach their ego and bias from their thought process. This is just an unfortunate reality of human nature and something I’m always battling as I observe other humans in any group.

I’m both a BItcoin maximalist and a curious investigator of DEFI because I see DEFI destroying the banking system and I can’t wait for that day.

They will both coexist. They will both find whatever market they find.

It is not either-or.

The real enemy is fiat and government control.

Good article.

Bitcoin is how you protect your financial energy. Holding dollars is how you waste your financial energy.

This aged well.

Asset inflation - not included in the CPI and why the elite telling you there is no inflation is pure LIES.



Appeal to authority

An argument from authority, also called an appeal to authority, or argumentum ad verecundiam, is a form of argument in which the opinion of an authority on a topic is used as evidence to support an argument.

And it’s WEAK and not based in critical thinking.

The Amara Effect - The Advantage of Disadvantages


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