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It's official: The Better Human School has launched

Fellow Human,

It’s finally happening: The Better Human School is launching!

We are currently offering LIFETIME ACCESS to the first 250 students.

A quick backstory:

I’ve been helping people with their health for years. It first started when I opened a small juice bar in Florida. Then I opened a CrossFit gym and did both for 6 years.

But I wanted to reach more people and have a bigger impact.

So I sold everything, packed my car with everything I owned, and moved to Austin, Texas.

That’s when I started Wild Foods, which quickly grew beyond my wildest (ha) expectations.

Growing that took my time for years. Then we got to a point where I had more time to focus on education and marketing.

So I’ve been putting out the podcast, YouTube videos, articles, and social media content for the past couple of years.

Then I got stuck because it felt like I was talking to people that were already taking action to get results.

Don’t get me wrong, to be apart of that journey in any way is humbling and rewarding.

But what about the majority of Americans that are sick and getting sicker each passing day?

It’s estimated that only 10% of the American population is considered “metabolically healthy.

Is this the future we have to accept? I’m not OK with that.

If we look at the trends, though, it sure seems like the odds are stacked against us.

Thinking about this problem of how to help people change, I kept coming back to this question:

  • How do I help people take action and stay consistent until they create those healthy habits that will ultimately change/save their lives?

And this kept bringing me back to THE MIND.

Your mind is the ROOT of your entire human experience.

If one struggles with something in their life, it ALWAYS comes back to the mind and the thought patterns that keep them from making change.

The more I thought about this and thought about my own life and how I’ve been able to reach high levels in my health, personal development, mindset, and success, I became obsessed with WHY and HOW to change the mind as a means to change one’s life.

As I started down this new obsession, I thought to myself: Where are the classes on “How To Think” and “How To Live.”

I thought back to my poor school experience, which included a short stint in community college, and compared this to the last 15 years as an adult reading books, learning from mistakes, absorbing podcasts, and otherwise TRYING to become better.

And for the most part, NOTHING in school helped me with my 15 years as an adult figuring out how to live, be happy, and be successful.


The more I thought about it, the more ridiculous it seemed.

What if there was a core curriculum focused on the FIRST PRINCIPLES of the human experience?

What if we pulled out the BEST ideas from philosophy and the top books of all time and combined those with recent advancements in our understanding of psychology, evolutionary biology, and principles of success in the digital age?

That could be HUGE.

This became the following three core modules:

  • Foundations - The most important first principles for success as a modern human

  • How To Think - Practical strategies for better thinking to get modern humans what they want (success, happiness, purpose)

  • How To Live - The best parts of philosophy combined with some of the best books ever written for living a fully actualized life of purpose, meaning, and accomplishment.

So I got to work. And the more I dove into these topics and prepared lessons, the more excited I became.

The vision became building a core curriculum that every 20-30 year old SHOULD TAKE. Maybe eventually I could even convince some traditional institutions to adopt the curriculum.

And that’s how The Better Human School came to be.

My goal is to build this into something that will outlast me. This is not your typical online course that’ll last a few months and then fade away.

Oh no.

I hope we can turn this into a movement, and at the very least, build 1,000,000 better humans that will lead by example and influencer millions more to take control over their lives.

If we can do that, we can change the world and take that 10% healthy number to 50% or higher. That’s my hope.


Thank you for reading. If you have any questions for me or suggestions/ideas please let me know. Just reply to this newsletter.

And if you want to take advantage of our founding student special to get LIFETIME access, head over to BetterHuman.School and get started today.

-Colin Stuckert (I’m now on Twitter. And I’m testing Clubhouse: @ColinStuckert)

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

-Gautama Buddha

Something I Improved This Week

My deep work routine

One of the things about deep work is it becomes much easier when you have a lot to do. Since I’ve been building the BH school, I’ve had so much to do that the focus part is easy.

I’ve noticed that when I have to figure out what I should be doing, it’s harder to get into a flow state since I have this internal anxiety that maybe I’m not doing what I should be doing.

Something I Enjoyed This Week

Launching the Better Human School

It’s always scary to put yourself out there and sell a product attached to your name.

I’ve been putting this off for a year now. And while the development and thinking process was invaluable for distilling my thoughts, I still could have started sooner.

Ether way, we are GOING!

Something I've Been Thinking About

The shortness of life and living a deep life

We moved to 10 acres outside of Austin a year ago.

It was great for 2020 for obvious reasons.

But there are things we miss.

So we are moving back.

My 2021 goal is to cultivate an intense focus on ONLY the things that matter.

Something Worth Knowing

First principles thinking

Most of the bad ideas I see from people stem from poorly understanding—or not understanding at all—principles.

First principles are the foundational things you know for sure. When you start from principles, you immediately eliminate most of the noise which allows you to focus on the signal (what matters).

A Big Idea

Wu Wei

A Taoist concept roughly translated to action through inaction.

Apply this concept in your life by TAKING YOUR TIME to let things happen.

We rush to reacting to things rather than responding. And responding is entirely within our control while reacting seldom is.

The number of things that resolve themselves is massive. Let that happen by NOT DOING anything for as long as possible.


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Fav Tweets Area

I finally started using Twitter. You have to be very careful how you use it so you don’t get sucked into pointless discussions. I also block most things political and I don’t follow accounts that discuss politics.

Here are some tweets from accounts I follow. I’ll be adding a bunch of these here each week.

Product Feature

Wild Whole Food Daily Multivitamin

The perfect “nutritional insurance” loaded with real food sourced vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes to keep you functioning at your best.


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