Better Human (new mid-week)

A new shorter format, subscriptions, and recent pods

Dear Human,

It’s Wednesday and I’m trying something new.

A short newsletter with a few recent shows + some valuable content to keep you growing, learning, and motivated.

I’m currently sitting in my office staring out the window where It’s absolutely gorgeous outside, as green trees sway in the cool, 80° Austin wind, I’m itching to get outside.

My desire to exit my self-imposed cage to interact with my natural habitat PALES IN COMPARISON to my enjoyment/desire to send you this email.

When I started this newsletter, I wasn’t consistent. I sometimes forgot to send it altogether and regularly sent it late.

Not anymore.

I don’t even need a reminder, I just do it.

I’ve built muscle memory. And I enjoy it, I look forward to it.

What to expect?

This new format will be much shorter.

I’ll include a few recent podcasts + articles + some quotes + a few bits of content I think you’ll enjoy.

Nothing major and you can easily skip it without missing out, especially if you still plan on reading the weekly BH letter on Sunday.

As always, thank you again for receiving/reading/opening/absorbing/hopefully enjoying this newsletter.



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Update: I’m now offering a subscription to this newsletter to kick-off The Better Human Company (under construction).

There is no obligation and you’ll still receive the updates for now, though there will be bonuses for subscribers coming soon.

50% of all subscriptions for this newsletter go directly into our new Bitcoin Freedom Fund. The other 50% helps support my work, which is currently 100% free (and way more coming).

How the BFF will work:

  1. I immediately convert 50% of payment into Bitcoin at the current market rate.

  2. That goes into a self-custody wallet that I control. (Eventually, I’ll create a multi-sig setup and give signatures to the BHC board members to add a second layer of transparency and protection to ensure that all funds are moved ONLY WHEN APPROVED TOWARDS DIRECT IMPACT WORK.)

  3. My goal with this fund is to keep a % inside the fund for future growth because I believe Bitcoin will continue to grow at 50%-200%+ a year for the foreseeable future (something I’ve staked my net worth on). By using Bitcoin as a treasury strategy, it becomes a perpetual source of funds for doing good. I hope to document this process and share it with other non-profit and NGOs in the hopes they will adopt Bitcoin as a treasury strategy as well. This could be massive for helping groups that need it the most.

  4. I’ve yet to fully map out the organizations we will support, work directly with, as well as the work I’m going to do ourselves. Some models include creating digital marketing/business-focused courses and selling those to the West with 50% of proceeds going to translate/rerecord these courses into different languages + including Bitcoin-specific how-to information and disbursing that content on USB drives (and/or free download on our website) to the 2 billion+ “unbanked” around the world that could benefit the most by gaining access to the world economy.

  5. Other examples include working directly with highly transparent organizations like Charity Water in which 100% of their received funds go to building water projects. In a case like that, the goal would be to raise funds to do water projects and track exactly the impact we have.

If you have any desire whatsoever to support my work and help me create this new model that we will use to show other businesses and entrepreneurs how they can do well through doing good, then consider supporting this newsletter. There will also be perks and subscriber-only bonuses and content I’ll be doing as we grow.

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A Principle of Better Human


“The first wealth is health.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

All the money in the world won’t buy you health.

Maybe someday in the future that will be true.

For now, it’s not.

The preplexing thing about this is those that would give up health to pursue success would end up wtih MORE success, FASTER, and the health to enjoy it if they made health a priority first.

Humans are seldom logical, so no surprise here.

Eat Real Food. Sleep 8 hours a night. Get sunlight daily. Walk daily. Lift heavy objects multiple times a week. Play. Spend as much time with loved ones as possible. Be in the moment. Stop obsessing. Meditate/be mindful.

Recent Better Human Podcasts

The Better Human Podcast is a 10ish-minute daily show focusing on ONE BIG IDEA to help you think better and live better.

Watch on YouTube or listen via your favorite podcast app: iTunesGoogleSpotify

🎙 #212 - Relationships Are All You Need To Be Happy

Society has convinced us we need money, power, fame to be happy.

Why are there so many miserable rich and powerful people then?

It’s a lie.

Happiness is a choice and it can be chosen immediately, right now, as long as you do the necessary work to fix your perspective.

BRAND NEW: Bitcoin Basics Podcast

The Bitcoin Basics Podcast is dedicated to helping you understand Bitcoin as the world-changing technology it is you can join the revolution.

The show covers the fundamental concepts of money, history, economics, and human nature as well as interviews with non-bitcoiners so you can understand Bitcoin from first principles.

Hosted by Colin Stuckert of The Better Human Company, we believe Bitcoin is the ultimate Trojan horse for freedom that is going to bring financial sovereignty to 8 billion humans and we want that to happen sooner rather than later.

Find on your favorite podcast app: iTunesGoogleSpotify

🎙 #1 Bitcoin: Start Here

I get into what to expect from the show.

Check out the website for a ton of growing resources on all things Bitcoin.

What I’m Consuming

Bitcoin and The Printing Press - Fascinating article that shows the similarities to Bitcoin and the Printing Press.

Ep 49. F*$# your Great Reset - with LaserHodl, Mark Moss, Untapped Growth, Liberty Blitz - Not work family safe, though brilliant conversation about what’s going on right now.

Billions - Last Sunday’s episode where they come in with masks and then talk about getting vaccinated was so cringe/bad/tryhard. Hopefully the show ends with a bang. I feel like it’s getting dragged out and has lost much of it’s early awesomeness

Useful Links:

💲Bitcoin Basics → Everything you need to understand Bitcoin from first principles - Podcast just launched

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🦢 How I Buy Bitcoin every day with Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA): Swan Bitcoin