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I will curse from time to time. If your eyes can't handle it, there is a subscribe button at the bottom. I think that's a pisspoor reason to leave, but it is your choice how much of a filter bubble you want to live in.

Speaking of filter bubbles, I'll be sharing ideas that challenge the status quo. When it comes to what's popular or understood by society, I feel it my duty to rip this nonsense to shreds. What you do with those shreds is up to you.

Much of this can be hard to hear. Earlier in my life, there was a lot I wasn't ready to hear. That's life.

The problem is, shying away from hard-to-hear things makes you weaker, more at risk, and less likely to live a good life.

One prescient example of this happening in 2021 is the masses taking an experimental drug granted through a temporary "emergency" order by the government.

Translation: this is not an approved drug. And for as long as the emergency order is in place, they can administer it. So obviously there are incentives to keep sensationalizing the covid hysteria so Big Pharma and keep raking in billions.

There are no long-term studies with this mRNA therapy which has been a failed method for years. This is not actually a vaccine, btw. That’s just another labeling gimmick they’ve been using to dupe you.

Moderna, a company with billions in private fundraising, has never produced a successful product in its ten-year history. Yet, in a short year, they finally achieved a breakthrough! that figured out how to make their experimental mRNA gene therapy (again, not a vaccine) work?

If this doesn’t show you how easy it is to fool millions of people then nothing will convince you.

Let’s talk about some of this nonsense for a short clip…

There are thousands of coronaviruses in nature at any given time. Each year, many die off and some replicate. This is nature 101.

The tests used to report covid cases, which are used to propagandize and push a narrative, can't delineate between various viruses in nature, like rhinovirus, coronavirus, influenza, and possibly others.

That doesn't mean there isn't a covid-19 strand out there.

There are probably hundreds or thousands of them at this point.

But that’s not even the point.

The point is you shouldn’t be afraid. If you’re unhealthy, you still shouldn’t be afraid but you definitely should be taking proactive measures to get your health back.

Proactive measures do not include taking experimental drugs or wearing a cloth over your face and reducing your oxygen intake. And it most certainly does not include staying inside cowering in fear.

Your choice to be afraid is just that: a choice. Governments love making you afraid, as does the mainstream media. It's how they control you and get you to vote a certain way.

The other delusion of this all is the idea that simplistic interventions work how they are promoted or the even more foolish idea that they don't have very real side effects and risks.

Scientists, medical "experts," public health "experts," and private interests that are profiting from all this have incentives to play dumb, ignore data, and make guesses. And because so many are in on it, there will be little recourse when the truth invariably comes out as more data is acquired.

Most of what has been going on to this point are guesses with incomplete data.

The fraud is in the response.

The seasonal flu kills hundreds of thousands of people every year. But since that's been going on for so long, we have a bias to it. We don't care about it. It’s whatever. (And the scam that is the flu vaccine does nothing since it mutates. Just another scam from Big Pharma.)

People dying in car crashes were getting marked down as covid deaths. Probably still are.

Hospitals were getting CASH from the government for every covid case. They'd get even more if patients were put on a ventilator even though ventilators were killing people... but that actually benefited hospitals still because they got a larger payout (prize?) for covid deaths than covid cases.

And this shit was going on in broad daylight.

It's complete insanity.

I never thought so many humans would completely lose over to mass groupthink, but as Charlie Munger said, "Show me the incentives, and I'll show you the outcome."

Now I truly understand how something like the holocaust could happen while the rest of the world turned its head.

What can happen in the future?

A scary thought indeed.

Sick. of. it.

I had no plans to bring this topic up. I'm sick of it. I don't care about it anymore.

I wouldn't give this an ounce of my precious time on Earth if it weren't affecting my life and the people around me.

So this is likely the last time I'll publically offer commentary on it.

If you are angry or upset it’s because something you just read has created cognitive dissonance in your brain which Is what happens when you are presented with ideas that don’t match your belief system.

Your gut response is to attack the source. This is normal, so don’t feel bad.

If that’s the case, I challenge you to take that as a sign that you NEED to investigate these things for yourself.

It is your right to feel however you want about whatever you want. But wanting to believe something at the expense of getting to the truth could kill you—literally and figuratively.

Look back at America 60 years ago and remember how large swaths of the population were treated like animals, then explain to me how you can trust governments and those in power?

MLK was assassinated in 1968. That was only 53 years ago. My mom was in her 20s. My god.

Cigarette companies used doctors to advertise cigarettes for years.

Big Pharma is currently paying out BILLIONS for the opioid crisis, amongst other crimes.

How many have died in completely unjust and ridiculous "wars" in Vietnam and Iraq?

Read any history book to get all you need to know to distrust the government and the crony corporations, power brokers, and private donors in bed with it.

I don't care what you think or what you do, though I'll still help you if I can.

This is how I see it: If you care about your family's health, then not doing your research, no matter how inconvenient it is, could have disastrous effects.

Finally, I'll leave you with the cherry on top of this shit sundae.... two cherries actually: 550,000 and 615,000.

  • ~615,000 is the number of Americans that die from heart disease each year.

  • ~550,000 is cancer.

1.2 million Americans die every single year from preventable lifestyle-related diseases.

In one year, more Americans will die from poor lifestyle choices than c-19 (and that's with c-19 numbers being completely inflated).

  • Where are the processed food bans? Where is the soda ban?

  • Why is the government still subsidizing, to the tune of billions, the big three ingredients in processed food—soy, corn, and wheat?

  • Where is the shaming of obese individuals loading their shopping carts with poison?

Where are our priorities?

They are most definitely not on the right things. But that's generally how the political narrative goes—nothing but a big distraction to keep you afraid and distracted from the wealth transfer happening in broad daylight.

Covid Retirement

I will now enter covid retirement. From here on out, I will focus on useful and positive topics only. No more giving oxygen to this broken narrative.

Please think for yourself.

Please don't subjugate your children to the mainstream. 

-Colin Stuckert (Join me on Twitter and IG)

Something I Improved This Week

Hyperinflation and what that can do to American life

I’m not sure where I am on the % of total collapse here in the United States.

I think we will probably have a bloodless revolution, with Bitcoin at the center, but who knows what could happen throughout that transition.

Hyperinflation of the US dollar could be really really bad and result in millions dead and more suffering for a long period of time. Or maybe not.

Maybe Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies with specific use cases could come in and stabilize the economy fast.

I just hope we don’t have food and energy problems that could very quickly spiral out of control.

It’s anyone’s guess what will happen.

I’ve made plans either way.

Welcome Aliens, to the human race


David Whyte on friendship:

"The dynamic of friendship is almost always underestimated as a constant force in human life: a diminishing circle of friends is the first terrible diagnostic of a life in deep trouble: of overwork, of too much emphasis on a professional identity, of forgetting who will be there when our armored personalities run into the inevitable natural disasters and vulnerabilities found in even the most average existence.”

“The ultimate touchstone of friendship is not improvement, neither of the other nor of the self, the ultimate touchstone is witness ... to have walked with them and to have believed in them, and sometimes just to have accompanied them for however brief a span, on a journey impossible to accomplish alone."

Source: Consolations

"Most people know to support people they care about during hard times, but there are fewer people who are going to hang with you through the good times, who are going to take time out of their calendar to have fun on a regular basis."

— The Structure of Friendship

This is something I’ve been thinking about.

As an adult, it’s harder to form deep connections because we are all so “busy” or preoccupied with our very self-centered lives.

How To Think

“The best way to improve your ability to think is to spend time thinking. Most of us are too busy to think. We have too many meetings. Too many calls. Too many priorities. Too many demands on our time. With no time to think and make good decisions we rush and make bad ones. And because we made bad decisions, our precious time is further strained as we correct our previous decisions.”

— How To Think: The Skill You've Never Been Taught

The American Dream is Being Stolen

Twitter thread here.

The Paradox of Focus by James Clear:

"The Paradox of Focus:

Make the most of one opportunity and more opportunities will come your way.

Moving boldly in one direction causes more paths to unfold before you.

To get more, focus on less."

Good Decisions by Shane Parish:

Good decisions create time, bad ones consume it. Good initial decisions pay dividends for years, allowing abundant free time and low stress. Poor decisions, on the other hand, consume time, increase anxiety, and drain us of energy.

Multitasking, in short, is not only not thinking, it impairs your ability to think. Thinking means concentrating on one thing long enough to develop an idea about it.

Good decision-makers understand a simple truth: you can’t make good decisions without good thinking and good thinking requires time.

The Mainstream

I've come to realize that followers of the mainstream narrative will be at the root of America's downfall.

They have not chosen it on purpose, but they are willing accomplices all the same.

The Dangers of a Two-Party System

George Washington warned the country of political parties in his 1796 Farewell Address.

He feared that such partisanship would create a “spirit of revenge” in which party members would not govern for the good of the people, but for power.

The Better Man

This week’s article: How Successful Men Think

Podcast launching soon:

Podcast This Week

On Money and Frugality: Your Financial Energy

💰 How to think about your money, your financial energy, and what to do to protect it as the government is printing it away.

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