Better Human May 30

Money and Time, Bitcoin and Energy, Obesity in 1970

Your life is where you spend your attention

I’m not rich or wealthy.

But I’m financially free.

Most people confuse the two.

Most think you need millions to be free and to have the luxury of owning your time.

I wake up each day and do whatever I want, work on whatever I want, and spend my time with whomever I want.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still chasing more.

But I’m doing it in a low-stress way on my own terms.

And what’s so ironic about money as you get older is how you need less of it as you start to make more of it.

My desire to buy stuff is at an all-time low.

Most of where I will spend my money in the coming years will be on travel and experiences.

I want to own as little as possible (at least as far as stuff goes).

And I now view every penny as a chance to buy assets that will grow for years to come.

I’ve now evolved from a spending mindset to an investing/own assets mindset.

Once you cross that chasm, you never go back.

The other big revelation I hope you have is how you think about time.

Money buys you time. It’s as simple as that.

You either buy someone else’s time, or you buy time for yourself.

The most valuable part of assets that produce income is they remove the need for you to physically earn income.

When you get out of trading time for money, you have freedom.

Then you can trade time for money in whatever way you want.

No one stops working. The point is what you work on and how often.

Knowledge and Reading

I def fall into the trap of vanity reading.

I like hitting 100 books a year and I don’t like rereading books even though I know I need to do just that.

I have gotten better at quitting books. I still buy any book recommended to me, but I now feel less guilty about quitting it if it’s not engaging.

The thing about quitting books is sometimes it’s just not the right time. You can always come back to a book later when it’s the right time in your life to fully absorb that particular topic or idea.

Also, the most impactful books are those that show up at the right time. I read How To Win Friends and Influence People in my early 20s.

I probably thought it was a good book; I honestly don’t remember. Not much of an impact.

Then I reread it a year ago.

Complete game-changer. I couldn’t stop thinking and talking about it.

Bitcoin and Energy

Humanity flourishes the more energy it uses.

That’s just a principle.

And the idea that we should use less energy is just short-term, out-of-context thinking.

We should aspire to use as much energy as possible to bring equality and abundance to ALL OF HUMANITY.

Tell the poor farmer in India with bare access to clean water or consistent energy supply that he shouldn’t be using energy.

GTFO with that nonsense.

Most of the narrative around energy, global warming, and climate change is wrong. And when it’s right, it still needs a tremendous understanding of all the costs, risks, pros, and cons.

The idea that Bitcoin uses energy thus Bitcoin is bad is just one more example of short-sighted, headline-driven FUD nonsense.

Bitcoin can help end government theft for billions of humans stuck in regimes that violate human rights on a daily basis.

Yet we have Americans sitting in their air-conditioned homes laying in their comfortable Chinese-made (and globally shipped) couches virtue signaling to others about things they have quite literally 0.0001% understanding of.

Generally, I don't like the blame an entire nation thing since it’s extremely simplistic and reductionist thinking, but in the case of the MSM narrative around energy/climate, Americans really are the worst and most hypocritical.

Bitcoin is the most powerful invention for bringing freedom and sovereignty to humanity the world has ever seen—even more so than the Internet.

How To Be A Confident Man Article

Building confidence is a lifelong process, and for men, one that is not as obvious as it seems. True inner confidence is the byproduct of living authentically yourself.

Get the Better Man Podcast:

Do you really want the truth?

You have to want truth.

Then you have to go get it.

Your life is better in relation to how close to the truth you can get and stay.

For every ounce of delusion you allow in your life, you pay a proportional cost.

Obesity in the U.S.

13% of U.S. adults and around 6% of children were obese in the 70s.

The obesity rate today is around 50% (and maybe higher).

One more example of the dangers of trusting the mainstream. You trust big food corporations and government “food guidelines” to look at for your health and BAM… your health is gone.

I wonder what we’ll be saying in 2030 about 2020 and 2021… scary times ahead.

Cryptocurrencies and Digital Currencies

Digital currencies will be the ultimate game over for your privacy as an individual.

A CBDC is not a threat to Bitcoin as some suggest.

Even suggesting that shows a complete lack of understanding of what Bitcoin is and why it’s our greatest chance at bringing sovereignty to the individual.

Funny, actually, because a CBDC becoming widespread would be the best thing ever to happen to Bitcoin since it will make Bitcoin the only way to protect yourself.

Status Games

From The Almanack of Naval:

How To Balance Carbs and Fats For Weight Loss

Podcast This Week

On Money: An Intro To Wealth

Money and wealth require intense study. Most people just follow the crowd, or worse, what a financial advisor tells them to do.

That’s not how you build wealth.

If you want to build wealth, you have to do it yourself.

New newsletter I stumbled upon

I plan to read his entire backlog of newsletters. He’s that good.

In truth, the best writing teachers just motivate students to write more, which is the only way to become a better writer. There is nothing else to it.

In addition to interviewing small business owners and realtors I’ve been reading investment books to help me write these newsletters. Most investing advice boils down to “buy cheap.” It’s obvious, and also not very helpful. None of the other advice amounts to much if you don’t get a good purchase price. But from interviewing people it seems most of the best deals are happy accidents, like purchasing from a neighbor before the property hits the market.

It’s not hard to make money in real estate, but it’s slow, and stupefyingly dull. It’s not a lot of work but it occupies as much mental energy as a full-time job. For most people it’s best done on the side. Purchase properties that cash flow as often as you can and forget about them while you run your life

I find myself today, and most days, returning to the key to life, which I really think most people already know. Whenever I try to give advice, to myself or others, it winds down one way or another to the realization that all of life’s meaning comes from relationships. That’s all there is. Investing is really like life that way. Most of the time when we mess it up it’s because we’re thinking too hard.


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