Better Human - May 16

Time, Mainstream, Shame, College, Life

Dear Fellow Human,

Life is short.

You spend your time each day on whatever you give your attention to.

Start becoming more cogniziant of how you're spending the most precious resource you have.

You probably already do that with your money, so start doing it with your time.

-Colin Stuckert (Join me on Twitter and IG)

The Mainstream is Usually Wrong

Normalize critical, independent thought 

Denormalize group think and mainstream propaganda 

I read the James Damore Google memo after seeing some articles on Twitter doing the standard “attack anyone that challenges the status quo” bullshit.

So I went to the source material, read it for myself, then compared what he said to what the “journalists” said he said. As I suspected and what I’ve already known for a long time is this: Always go to the opposite of the mainstream narrative to find truth.

As Plato said, “ “No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.”

This is why the mainstream is the mainstream: because the masses want convenient lies because that is easier than doing the calorie-intensive effort that is critical thinking.

The older I get, the more hopeless it seems.

One part of me wants to ignore it all and pretend there isn’t so much stupidity, while the other part feels compelled to do something to address it.

Both are imperfect.

At least we have Bitcoin. It’s pretty much our only hope at this point.

On Loneliness

Our society is making it harder for people to form deep connections. So the default is to pursue distractions and seek more more more to fill the gaping hole inside 

The real epidemic is loneliness and self-isolation.

Ownership is the Root of Humanity’s problems

99% of the problems of humanity stem from individuals not taking ownership of their lives.

Humans are masters at blaming and projecting their nonsense onto others.

We are designed to look for an enemy. It’s tribalism 101, and it’s built into our biology.

We also struggle with accepting responsibility for our shortcomings because that creates ego pain, also known as cognitive dissonance.

So what happens is we have most people walking around blaming everyone else for their problems and lack of fulfillment.

This can filter into pop culture, politics, the industrialized education system, all with dire consequences. Just look at the world in 2021.

Your inability to take complete ownership—that means 100%—is your greatest weakness and the thing holding you back from what you want.

This is a natural law, and there are no exceptions.

How to deal with flakey people

My new policy is zero tolerance for flakey people/behavior.

That doesn’t mean I just write people off.

I will give feedback about what I’ll accept and won’t.

The rest is up to them.

I realize people are bad at managing themselves and attention, but life is also too short to pick up the slack for everyone else.

So you have to set a line.

Boys to Men

The pivotal transformation from boyhood to manhood is shedding shame and guilt.

Most of the bad behavior by weak men is rooted in shame, guilt, and unresolved trauma.

One of the principles of manhood is disavowing all shame and guilt from your psyche and life.

Men, get the Better Man Podcast:


It's bizarre that many young parents today are still considering sending their kids to college. 

College is nothing but credentialization. I'd hope parents would want their kids to actually learn and grow rather than be told what to think while making institutions of propaganda rich.

F that.

Kids today are still going into debt.

I know people with $200,000 in student debt.

Are you fucking kidding me?

You could literally start 20 businesses with $10,000 each for that. All you need is one of them to stick to be set for life. (Actually, in today’s world, $5000 is often more than enough to test a business idea.)


People are still wearing masks.

Then they sit down and take them off.

And I wonder how many consider how fucking stupid this actually is.

Masks are the perfect metaphor for the docile and dumb nature of modern humans and the absurdity that a few in power can so easily manipulate so many.

Time is your lifeforce

Time is the most important thing.

Money is integral for owning your time.

Thus money is the most important thing until you have enough to completely own your time.

After that, money doesn’t matter all that much.

What this means:

  1. Become obsessed with getting enough money to master your time. 

  2. Then channel that obsession to using your time exactly how you want.

How to focus?!?!?!?!

"More effort is wasted doing things that don’t matter than is wasted doing things inefficiently.

Elimination is the highest form of optimization."

This is my current biggest struggle—figuring out what things to focus on and what to ignore completely.

I’m good at getting a lot of things done but not as good at getting a lot of one or two things done.

I need to go deeper with my effort rather than wider.


The American Dream is Being Stolen

Twitter thread here.

The Better Man

This week’s article: How Successful Men Think

Podcast launching soon:

Podcast This Week

Live Show #1 - Control vs Can't Control

The Stoic framework of control is the foundation of your every action. You must first understand this framework to have any chance at a successful life.

Fav Tweets of Week

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