Better Human - March 27

Two questions for you, The greatest invention since the wheel, MY TIPS FOR HAPPINESS DON'T MISS THESE

My Dear Fellow Human,

Every newsletter moving forward will ask you two questions that I hope you’ll reply with:

  1. What’s something you struggled with this week

  2. What’s something you overcame and what did you learn this week

Answer every week, some weeks, or just think about these questions for yourself.

I’m a student of psychology. I want to understand humans as best I can because that makes me a better writer, thinker, and content creator.

So don’t be shy. Hit that reply button and share.


Instead of a long intro piece, I’ll kick it off with two of my best articles this week. Start there if you like or skip to the short bits of content below

Here’s a piece I wrote this week: Why The US Government Will Never Ban Bitcoin: My Response to Ray Dalio

Here’s another: Can money buy happiness? (Yes and No)

-Colin Stuckert (Join me on Twitter and IG)

Something I Improved This Week


I’ve felt absurdly happy this past week.

I think it’s the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.

I have so much abundance and opportunity and a growing community and family and financial security, knowledge, skill, and confidence.

I have wealth.

The kind of wealth that makes you happy because it’s the kind of wealth that actually matters.

I’m not financially rich, though I have enough where we are set for life as long as I do things the right way and am conservative in my investments.

I have true wealth as I define it.

I could go on and on about all the things I have, but that’s me-too and not helpful.

Instead, I’ll do my best to give some recommendations that have evolved my thinking over the years.

  1. Learn how to take your hardships and turn them into fuel for growth.

  2. Study the Stoics. Read all the books 10x times.

  3. Get outside daily and move in direct sunlight.

  4. Sleep 8 hours a night (tired people aren’t happy).

  5. Eat Real Food cooked at home from raw ingredients.

  6. Do everything you can to cultivate a growth mindset constantly.

  7. Fire toxic people.

  8. Don’t give an ounce of oxygen to the flame of negativity. Starve it out like you’d stamp out a fire in your living room.

  9. Cultivate hope and optimism—stop spending time explaining why things are.

  10. Give up your past. Your past doesn’t exist. It’s a figment of your imagination. And most people let their past holds them back their entire lives.

  11. Read fiction. YOU MUST READ FICTION.

  12. Limit your screen time as much as possible.

  13. Turn notifications off and use airplane mode often.

  14. Buy bitcoin and ignore daily price changes. Keep buying.

  15. Stop trying to buy happiness or confidence, or status. You can only earn these things. So start earning them by becoming the best happy, confident, high-value human you can be. The rest will take care of itself. Bonus: you won’t have to go into credit card debt!

  16. Stop projecting your fears and beliefs onto other people.

  17. Live your truth with 100% honesty. Stop telling people what you think they want to hear. All you are doing is putting off the inevitable demise of the relationship.

  18. Get off social media. It’s just not valuable.

  19. Understand evolutionary biology and psychology, then use that to understand yourself. This study will bring you more value than anything you’ve ever studied…. ever.

  20. Spend time with people that have the habits and lifestyles you aspire to.

  21. Avoid spending too much time with people that have the habits and lifestyles you don’t aspire to.

  22. To see your future, look at how you spend your time today. How much is invested in growth, and how much is used passively or wasted completely? How many things do you do because it’s there rather than on purpose? How much do you think about your time and schedule, and productivity? The answers to these questions determine who you will be in 5, 10, and 20 years.

  23. If you don’t have health, you have nothing.

  24. Find things that matter to you and build your life around those while eliminating everything that doesn’t help you do more of that or get you closer to doing so.

  25. Decide to be happy. Decide to respond BETTER. Decide not to give in to your primal instincts and urges and outdated psychology. Choose to rice above, and you will.

  26. Understand what inflation is. Then protect yourself and your family.

  27. Learn basic survival skills.

  28. Learn how to use a gun—one could be used against you.

  29. Buy ten massive jugs of honey at Costco and keep them in your pantry. If you ever need calories in a life or death situation, this LIFETIME food could save your life.

  30. Buy some silver and keep it in your physical possession.

  31. Invest in training, coaching, and education.

  32. Buy every book that you want and ignore the price.

  33. Walk daily and listen to an audiobook and/or nature.

  34. Lie on the floor with your kids and stretch and roll around. To stay mobile as you age, you need to be mobile.

  35. What you think you become. If you don’t choose your thoughts and cultivate a winning and happy mindset, you will be taking the biggest gamble of your life.

  36. Read The Alamanack of Naval Ravikanet then listen to all his podcasts, talks, interviews on YouTube.

  37. More coming next week

Something I Enjoyed This Week

☀️ The sun - getting outside - a daily walk

A daily walk in the sun for 30 minutes will be your best defense against mental and physical disrepair.

It will also elevate your mood and make you happier.

On days you aren’t feeling that great, maybe you’re tired or cranky, get outside and take a 30-minute walk, and OMG at how much better you’ll feel.


Fav Tweets of Week

I finally started using Twitter.


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