Better Human - June 6, 2021

What the hell should I do with my life?

What the hell do I do with my life?

I need to stop 'nexting.'

I'm hypersensitive to how I spend my time, which means I often focus too much on what I'm doing and what's next. The ugly byproduct of this is I end up ignoring the current moment.

Budhha would say I'm an idiot since I'm causing myself unnecessary suffering.

He's right.

One of the reasons I've been dealing with this lately is I don't know what I want to do with my life.

I have this freedom of time and choice, and I don't know what to do with it.

If I do "life" stuff—stuff that's not work—then I feel like I'm wasting my time or missing an opportunity to grow.

And that's true to an extent.

I will def be missing the compound interest that comes from investing time into growth. There is always a trade-off.

But then you have to consider diminishing returns.

What efforts are worth it and which are a waste of time, or worse, actively getting in the way?

This is not obvious or easy to figure out. In some cases, it's absurdly hard.

I have multiple interests I give time to each week.

It feels shallow. It doesn't bring me the fulfillment or excitement that comes from being all-in on something.

It feels like I have a bunch of acquaintances when what I'm looking for is a deep relationship.

The word decide comes from two Latin words—de = 'OFF' + caedere = 'CUT.'

That's the hard part about deciding—what to cut off.

There was an interview I saw recently that I decided not to watch, which is rare for me—when I find something that interests me, I always dive right into it.

I was afraid that it would confirm something I know. This is it: Why Reading Decreases Happiness - Jordan Peterson

I'm afraid of what he'll say. I'm afraid he'll be right, and I'll develop a bias against reading, which I don't want.

I'll probably watch it now.

The reason it scared me is I've long sensed—and experienced firsthand—that the more you learn about the world, history, humanity, science, the more nihilistic and disillusioned you can become.

I sometimes suffer from feelings like this where I feel like nothing has meaning, or I get bored quickly, and nothing satisfies me.

Part of my problem is I attack my issues head-on. So instead of seeking escape in drugs, distraction, or various other pursuits that can distract me from these existential questions, I face them.

It’s strange how the downside of being hyperaware is you have to struggle with this kind of stuff. And it’s why I’ve long called BS on the “blame the rich” narrative as if rich people don’t have struggles.

That is, for sure, a load of malarky.

And I’m not even rich! (Though def on my way.)

So what are some ways I’m tackling this?

  1. Simplifying as much as possbile

  2. Spending more time with friends having fun

  3. Reading more fiction

  4. Playing more games

  5. Getitng outside and taking long walks

  6. Solo travel

  7. Open to ideas you might have (reply to this email and let me know)

How To Command Respect Via The Better Man

Commanding respect is a product of inner game.

You don’t buy respect, you earn it.

Check out the article here over at The Better Man.

Let Go - A Philosophy for Life

One of my goals for 2021 is cultivating non-response.

Life is what you make it, nothing more or less.

So choosing to not respond to external events is the ultimate power. How can anything affect you if you don’t let it?

Isn’t that the question?

What are Plebs and Patricians?


The patricians were the ruling class of the early Roman Empire. Only certain families were part of the patrician class and you had to be born a patrician. The patricians were only a small percentage of the Roman population, but they held all the power.

All the other citizens of Rome were Plebeians. Plebeians were the farmers, craftsmen, laborers, and soldiers of Rome.


I’ve been studying the history of Rome lately.

I want to build a solid foundation of history from the ground up. Most of my historical knowledge has come from reading books not about history. Now I am focusing on reading books on history to fill in the gaps.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot as I look to build more adult relationships in my life. I Will be thinking about and writing about this in future.

“I’ve come to believe that this is the defining characteristic of my generation: keeping our options open. The Polish philosopher Zygmunt Bauman has a great phrase for what I’m talking about: liquid modernity. We never want to commit to any one identity or place or community ... so we remain like liquid, in a state that can adapt to fit any future shape. And it’s not just us—the world around us remains like liquid, too. We can’t rely on any job or role, idea or cause, group or institution to stick around in the same form for long—and they can’t rely on us to do so, either. That’s liquid modernity: It’s Infinite Browsing Mode, but for everything in our lives."

— Pete Davis in Dedicated

Really good video on an important topic

Is Cooking The Answer To Health? With Austin Cavelli

Check out the recent Better Human podcast where I am joined by Austin Cavelli to discuss all things nutrition and health.

Podcast This Week

1 Hour of Bitcoin: What it is, What it isn't, Price predictions, First Principles

Where do I think Bitcoin will be in 5 years?

How am I using Bitcoin as a foundation in my personal finance strategy?

I go into this and more with Kevin Stock.

Intro to Bitcoin Resources

From Swan Bitcoin, here’s a list of places to start building a foundational understanding of Bitcon.

Some say it takes about 30-40 hours of study to truly understand Bitcoin.

I totally agree.

It took me probably 200.

Once I got it, I got it.

Beginner-friendly resources to send your friends and family.

If these don't convince them, nothing will ;)

#1 Michael Saylor + Ross Stevens Interview

This 60-minute interview might be the most compelling exploration of Bitcoin I've ever heard. It helps to have a little financial background but not required.

#2 Alex Gladstein: "Why Bitcoin Matters for Freedom"

This is a perfect introduction for people who resonate with Bitcoin as a tool for freedom, rather than an investment.

Here's a 5-minute video version

#3 Vijay Boyapati: Bullish Case for Bitcoin

Written in 2018, this article has "orange pilled" more people than anything. Readers will understand the economic argument for Bitcoin in about a 45-minute read.

#4 Lyn Alden: "3 Reasons I'm Investing in Bitcoin"

Lyn Alden is a traditional investor who became bullish on Bitcoin in 2020. Great resource for traditional finance types who want a dispassionate analysis.

#5 Preston Pysh: "Tell me about Bitcoin"

Here's the shortest introduction to Bitcoin we've found. Send this one-pager to anyone with a short attention span ;)

#6 Yan Pritzker's book "Inventing Bitcoin"

Swan is dedicated to education and we're giving this book away for free at


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