Better Human - Feb 6

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Fellow Human,

The pictures below are from one of the most important articles you will ever read—The Tail End by Wait But Why.

I’m 35, so it looks like I have 59 or so winter left if I’m lucky.

And then poof, I’m gone.

I think about this daily, and it drives me to do my best to appreciate every minute of this gift we call life.

-Colin Stuckert (I’m now on Twitter. And I’m testing Clubhouse: @ColinStuckert)

Article: The Tail End

Something I Improved This Week

Cultivating Non-response

One of my words for 2020 is "Non-response." For me, this means doing my best to not react/respond to my external environment.

Instead, I want to consider if I should respond at all. And if a response is needed, I want to respond the best way possible.

To figure that out takes time and unemotional consideration, two things you DON'T utilize when you react immediately to a situation.

I've made a few small strides this week on this front.

I've thought about visualizing myself as a rubber ball that things "bounce" off of. This little heuristic flashes in my mind when some external thing is trying to enter my mental world. So I imagine it bouncing off.

Something I Enjoyed This Week

Refining, tweaking, and testing my new mindset coaching program: The Better Mind

I’ve spent this entire week refining my positioning, pricing, and format for my new program: The Better Mind.

There are so many ways to go, so many angles I could use.

That’s the hard part.

When you help people level up their mindset, you help them achieve ANY and EVERY benefit a human could ever want… literally.

If you think better, you act better, and you get better results in everything.

Relationships, finances, career, personal development, mental health, happiness…

What I’ve decided on is to focus on helping people remove the limiting blocks that keep them stuck in routine and repeating the same mistakes.

We ALL are stuck one way or another.

I got stuck in 2020. I started going down the political rabbit hole.

And I didn’t like the person I became nor the mental state that followed me around.

So I quit.

And I'm back to my old self, not giving a shit about politics.

Instead, I'm back to what I'm good at and what matters to me: growth, motivation, and positivity.

Something I've Been Thinking About

How to get people to see their potential and take action to fulfill it

Rereading How To Win Friends and Influence People has helped in this regard.

But honestly, this is the hardest part of selling, marketing anything.

We don’t truly understand another human’s perspective—and we never can fully.

It is my job as an entrepreneur, coach, and educator to get inside my student’s, customer's, and prospect's heads to understand what they want, where they are at, and how to help them bridge that gap.

It is so easy to explain, yet so hard to do.

Something Worth Knowing


Most people are in a daze.

They have hopes and dreams, sure, but few have clarified what they are and a path for getting there.

So they wake up each day hoping something will change while doing little, if anything, to get there.

That is the literal definition of insanity.

The most important thing in your life is self-awareness.

Without it, you don’t know who you are or where you’re going. You have to be aware of something before you can take control of it.

A Big Idea

The Now

There goes another moment you will never get back.

Have you ever reached “the future?”

Think about it a second.

And have you ever gone back in time?

So why spend time in either?


Anger, Meditation, Simplifying Choice, and What Really Matters in Life with Scott Myslinski

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How To Take Ownership: You Only Have Two Choices In Life

You always have TWO CHOICES. And that’s it. Most people aren’t even aware of what they are.

What is a Deep Life? And how to create one...

The modern human lives a shallow life in most cases. The toxic environment monetizes poor physical health through convenience and cheap, fake foods and poor mental health through addictive technologies that prey on the primal human psyche.

The Deep Life is the answer.

Fav Tweets of Week

I finally started using Twitter.

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