Better Human - Feb 13

Getting rid of my stuff, Modern Mismatch, Mainstream Media, and Our weekly Live Podcast

Fellow Human,

You are a human.

And you have a set of evolved traits that direct your behavior to keep you alive and procreating.

That’s why you struggle to avoid tasty addictive food.

It’s why the negative, outrageous, and sensational gets your attention.

It’s why you struggle to find the “golden mean” in your daily actions that are “just enough.”

You see, your ancestors had to work daily to survive, raise children, and find enough food to feed the tribe.

The behaviors Mother Nature programmed into you are the direct result of living in a wild environment defined by scarcity.

Today you live in a modern environment where you can get everything your biology craves at the click of a button.

Modernity has created an environmental mismatch that our species has never faced. And this is why some people are THRIVING in our modern world while most are not.

And as it has gone on for billions of years, some individual organisms will do better, and some will do worse. Those that do better will procreate more successfully and pass along better habits and genes that will further increase their odds of success into the future.

The first step in changing something in your life is awareness.

Awareness is the key to everything.

The problem is, there are forces in our society that actively try to sabotage your awareness of yourself and the truth.

To keep the intro to this newsletter short, I’ll leave you with a few bullet points to consider…

  • Stop watching the mainstream media. Then watch as your inner world and life improve drastically.

  • If you don't go to the source material and consult conflicting sides of every bit of information, you should consider yourself wholly uninformed and ignorant.

  • The “experts” don’t know how to live well. They are playing status and power games. They don’t care about you or your well-being, and they certainly don’t care about thinking long term for the health of humanity. Stop giving them attention, power, and money. Unplug.

  • Cultivate a Deep Life of meaning by focusing on the things that matter—health, family, purpose, community, play, nature, focus, simplicity.

  • To learn how to build a Fist Principles mindset so you can take control over your inner world and take control over your life, check out my mindset training program: The Better Mind

-Colin Stuckert (I’m now on Twitter. I’m also testing out Clubhouse: @ColinStuckert)

Something I Improved This Week


Nothing isn’t the right word since I’m always getting a bit better each day.

But with selling our home and moving back to South Austin, my week and routine have been non-existent.

I guess you could say I’ve improved feeling “not as bad” about not having a perfect routine.

I've given myself space to be OK having a week or two to go a bit slower. So I think that’s a good thing…

Something I Enjoyed This Week

Our first weekly LIVE PODCAST ON ZOOM

This was super fun.

And you know it’s fun and awesome when it goes by in an instant.

Before I knew it, we had 5 minutes left in the hour. That’s what a flow state can do.

We are doing this every week. You can hop on and ask questions, participate in the chat, go LIVE if you want, and have a great time. Each show will be available later inside your favorite Podcast app.

Here is the weekly Zoom link to save and add to your calendar: Every Wednesday at 2pmCST/3pmEST.

Something I've Been Thinking About

Simplifying my physical life

Moving will do that for you—force you to think about STUFF.

We have donated/thrown away a mountain of stuff.

And I’ve done that each time I’ve moved, which is now seven times since I moved to Austin 6 years ago.

And we now plan to build a house somewhere near Austin in a year or so, which means we will move again (and hopefully the last time until the boys grow up).

I paid movers $1400. They took two trips with a full truck and we took multiple carloads back and forth.

Where does all this stuff come from?

One of my goals for 2021 is to get rid of anything not essential.

I’m also creating a fridge system since that’s been a recurring pain in the arse—food goes bad, no organization, etc.

Something Worth Knowing

Everything is an opinion, and opinion is defined by comparison 

If you are happy with your life, it’s because you have determined that things are what you “expect” they should be.

That expectation is based on where you were or where you believe you should be.

If you were homeless a month ago and now have $100 in your bank account and living in a small broom closest, well, you are technically BALLIN compared to where you were before.

I often think about Wall Street traders' stories jumping out of skyscrapers after losing a bunch of money in the market.

That's insanity to me. You can always make more money.

It seems that massive swings like that create a contrast effect that is too hard for our primal brains to cope with.

A Big Idea

"Meditation is intermittent fasting for the mind.

Too much sugar leads to a heavy body, and too many distractions lead to a heavy mind. 

Time spent undistracted and alone, in self-examination, journaling, meditation, takes us from mentally fat to fit."

-Naval Ravikant

Nothing to say here. Read the quote a few times and act on anything that tugs at you.


Dating, Relationships, and Mindset with Elsa Morec‪k‬

This show was a blast. I learned a lot, and I bet you will too.

Elsa is a master at what she does.

Better Human Feature: Armando Rivera's biggest mistake of 202‪0‬

This is a new format we are doing on the Better Human podcast: 30 or so minutes covering a BIG mistake/struggle/lesson learned. If you would like to be considered to come on the show, reply to this email.


Your Mind is The Root of Everything

What is the universal constant to your life? Your mind.

Do you have a manual for your mind? Are you aware of how it tricks you? Are you aware of whether you are aware or not?

Consistency is rarer than talent... so if you are consistent, you'll beat everyone else

What’s great about being consistent today is you can get results much faster than before. What used to take 10 years, thanks to the Internet, can often be done in 2-3 years.

Fav Tweets of Week

I finally started using Twitter.

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