Better Human - Dec 19, 2020

Trillions to one against, How to win at life, Growth vs Fixed mindset

Fellow Human,

Life is a miracle.

The odds of you being alive is something like 3,000,000,000,000-to-1 against.

Our species is designed to focus on the negative because that kept our ancestors safe in an uncertain and dangerous environment.

Today, it leads us to become consumed by negative content, fear, and complaint.

The reality is, if you’re reading this right now, you’re WINNING.

Remind yourself of the fact that BEING ALIVE IS WINNING.

I wish my Dad could have met his grandkids. To honor his memory, I will be in the moment and appreciate life and my kids every chance I get.


“It is not death that a man should fear, but rather he should fear never beginning to live.” 

—Marcus Aurelius

Something I Improved This Week

I found an old Tony Robbins morning routine audio that I used to follow when I lived in Florida.

Every morning, in the wonderful Florida heat, I walked around the neighborhood wearing a weight vest while listening to this audio and doing the breath and thought exercises.

It got to the point where I looked forward to this routine.

This was when I was single, no kids, no idea what my next venture was, and deciding on whether or not I should move to Austin.

Somewhere in the rigamarole of life, I forgot about this routine.

Then dinner with a new friend inspired me to get back to some kind of meditation/mindfulness routine, and like that, it popped in my head.

I did it this morning, and it felt awesome.

Something I Enjoyed This Week

A small dinner with new friends.

This filled me up with energy and inspiration. And it is a much-needed reminder to prioritize scheduling time with people in my life, both new friends and old ones.

Something I've Been Thinking About

Thoughts are energy and most thoughts happen as a result of the past

Though I consider myself a naturally optimistic person, I fall into a negative and closed state more often than I care to admit.

My entire focus is to cull this out by taking conscious control over my thoughts.

Something Worth Reading

FATHER FORGETS W. Livingston Larned - This choked me up.

Something Worth Watching

The Most Eye Opening 6 Minutes of Your Life - Dr. Bruce Lipton

I haven’t watched this yet, but anything by Naval immediately hits my Pending Read/Watch list.

Something Worth Knowing

Growth vs Fixed Mindset

A growth mindset believes you can do anything if you invest the time and energy.

A fixed mindset believes you are either “good” or “bad” at something.

The latter will keep you stuck because it removes agency to do anything about it, so you don’t.

The former is the foundation of success because success at anything requires time and energy.

A Big Idea

Finite vs Infinite Game

A finite game is one you play to win then play stops. Think of this as a means to an end as it applies to a lot of the things in life we do for the sake of getting to do something else.

An infinite game is one you keep playing forever because the goal of the game is to play and not to win, lose, or stop playing.

The infinite game is what you want your profession to be. That’s one of the greatest desires we all have—the ability to do something we would do anyway and get paid for it.

I regularly ask myself this question, “What would I do if I woke up tomorrow with one billion dollars in my bank account?”

Would I write, make videos, do a podcast, help Build Better Humans? Or would I do nothing and stop it all?

The answer is I would definitely do most of the things I currently do.

Since I’m already playing my infinite game, I don’t have to worry about the score, which in Internet land are the likes, views, downloads, open rates, CTRs, and the revenue or lack thereof.

My goal in life is to fully actualize through playing my infinite game which is rooted in helping build better humans.

This is my mission statement that I need to keep at the front of my mind so I can stay going in the right direction.

What is your infinite game? And can you start it today?



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