Better Human - April 9

Motivation content is useless unless, Morning walks, Fragility and Antifragility

Dear Fellow Human,

The thing about motivational content is you have to be open to receiving it.

One of my greatest frustrations in life is watching people make mistakes.

What makes this even more difficult is when I know I can help them, yet I have no way to do so.

Instead, I have to HOPE they will read something I write or listen to something I say on YouTube or the Better Human podcast.

And since I have a small audience, it often feels like I’m not reaching anyone.

The other thing I struggle with is forgetting how far I’ve come and reminding myself that everyone is at a different stage on their journey.

I want people to get it right now because it’s so obvious to me what the answer is (or at least what the questions are that lead to the answers.)

But that’s not how people work.

People grow in their own way and on their own schedule.

I still have people in my life that struggle with their diet and weight yet they KNOW EXACTLY what they need to do.

I know people STILL stuck financially because they keep repeating the same dumb lifestyle mistakes.

I’ve also tracked people that have gotten worse every year—a bit fatter, sicker, more in debt, more unhappy, more afraid, more rigid in their mindset.

That’s a fucking tragedy.

But can I help them?

Yes and no.

If they were truly ready to change and they came willing to do the work, I could help them completely change their life for the better with a 100% success rate.

I know this for sure.

This is why NO AMOUNT of information, coaching, training, or self-help will change the individual that isn’t ready and willing.

It’s a harsh reality I have to accept as someone that wants everyone to flourish.

If I had to summarize this into a takeaway for you, it would be this…

Everything you want in life is on the other side of choice and effort.

You have to decide. Then you have to commit to the necessary work to fulfill that choice.

That’s it.

You can literally become happy, healthy, and wealthy if you first decide and then commit to that decision.

-Colin Stuckert (Join me on Twitter and IG)

What are you currently struggling with?

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Something I Improved This Week

Morning walk outside with the kids in the sun

It’s finally getting hot in Austin.

And I’m soaking it up.

My tan is coming back.

I’m waking up naturally without coffee.

It kicks my day off the right way.

Getting outside in the morning is one of the most human things you can do.

Something I Enjoyed This Week

Not sure

I feel like this week went by fast.

I wasn’t feeling hot. Boys caught a little something and I probably had to zap that myself, which cut into my energy levels a bit.

I don’t think it’s good that I don’t have an obvious thing I enjoyed this week.

I need to work on that.

Things Worth Reading

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Podcasts This Week

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Fav Tweets of Week

I finally started using Twitter.


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