Better Human - April 2, 2021

Is "find your passion" good advice, Breaking my caffeine addiction, and a life-changing article.

Dear Fellow Human,

These first eight newsletters were hard.

I would procrastinate and sometimes forget to send it out.

That's strange because I'm a systems person, and I always build at least a recurring reminder in my calendar to do recurring tasks.

But I didn't do that for this—probably a mental block or something.

Now it's Friday, and I'm writing this early.

What's the difference?

I now look forward to putting this together each week. Before, it felt a little forced, more like a chore.

And there are a few reasons why this is now the case.

In Cal Newport's book, "Too Good They Can't Ignore You," he talks about the misconceptions around "finding your passion."

His point in the book is this: you don't "find" your passion. Instead, you develop a passion for things you get good at.

This doesn't apply to everything, but that's why you should constantly develop your skills because the things you enjoy the most you will do more of ad the more you do of these things, the more you will enjoy them and the more you enjoy them and do them the better you'll get at them.

If that word salad of a sentence is not the secret to modern-day success, then I don't know what is.

Every week I get a chance to work on my mastery of writing and communicating with an audience.

So thank you for being here and giving me that opportunity.

I hope you enjoy the rest of this week's newsletter!

-Colin Stuckert (Join me on Twitter and IG)

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Something I Improved This Week

Cycling coffee

My morning coffee routine became a crutch. If I didn’t have it, I’d get tired and sometimes a headache.

So it was time to cut back.

Thank god for CocoTropic, which I’ve been using with our Lonestar decaf beans to help me through the “transition” period. (link + special discount code at bottom of newsletter)

I’m not sure I’ll go back!

And what about the fact that asmall cold brew coffee in Austin is usually $4.75 + tax.

$5 for something that costs them $0.20 to make.


Something I Enjoyed This Week

Practicing life

Life is practice… for life!

Every difficulty in your life is an opportunity.

Practice better response.

Practice maintaining your inner equanimity.

Practice quelling your emotions.

Things Worth Reading

A lifechanging Article: The Tail End by Wait But Why

How To Be Productive via Shane Parish of Farnam Street

  • Don't schedule anything in the AM. Ever.

  • All meetings in two afternoons a week.

  • Use email or calls to replace most meetings.

  • Keep emails under 5 sentences.

  • Keep calls under 15 mins.

  • Delete emails without responding.

  • Take time to walk/think.

Triangular Desire: We don’t want things; we want to be things

Surround yourself with people and groups whose default behavior is your goal behavior.

The Critics Hold Humanity Back While The Optimists Drag It Forward

Conspicuous Consumption: How To Hack Signaling Behavior To Improve Your Life

Podcasts This Week

Growth Mindset: The Key To Success

Natalie's Abusive Relationship and How it Transformed Her

The First Principles of the Bulletproof Human

4 Principles For Health You Must Not Ignore

Fav Tweets of Week

I finally started using Twitter.


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