Better Human - Apr 24

Life is short, and then you're...

Dear Fellow Human,

Life is short, and then you're dead.

99.999% of the shit you spend time on won't matter at all.

Imagine you're at the end of your life, and you regret NOT DOING WHAT YOU WANTED TO DO, WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE…

That will really friggin suck.

If that scares you, you have to do something about it.

Your environment, routines, habits, people, and the status quo that defines your average day are all keeping you where you are.

If you want to fight this inertia, you have to do something big. You have to do something different. Cut things from your life.

You have to make hard choices (and many easy choices as well).

I don't know what to say to get you to want to do this.

That's the hard part and the question I wrestle with daily—How can I help people find the desire to become what they are capable of becoming?

I genuinely have no idea.

The path is long. And I mean long. Years.

But that's not a bad thing if you focus on the journey because you can make the journey fun. It's all your perspective.

Over time, you can fall in love with the process, with doing hard things, with investing rather than spending, with forging that sugar-high or fast-food high and eating at home, with going to the gym when you don't feel like it, etc.

If you do each of these enough, you will eventually come to enjoy them.

When that happens, nothing can stop you, and it becomes just a matter of patience to reaching the life of your dreams.

What's crazy about life is how close you are to a completely different life.

You are always six months away from BEING A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON.

Not a perfect person. Maybe not a financially free person.

But absolutely a person with a different mindset, different habits, and a completely different PATH than the person before.

-Colin Stuckert (Join me on Twitter and IG)

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Something I Improved This Week

Not forcing

My motivation has been suffering lately.

Instead of forcing it or obsessing over it, I’m letting it do whatever it needs to do.

Imagine that: my motivation these last two days have been bursting out of my head.

Action through inaction - Wu Wei - not forcing

Something I Enjoyed This Week

Sex and thinking about the shame and cultural indortincation around it

We all enjoy sex.

We rarely talk about it.

Yet it’s the reason we are here, why my two boys are alive, and why future generations will move humanity into the stars.

Kinda strange how much shame, guilt, and toxic cultural bullshit are around this completely natural physical process.

When you understand the history of civilization and how the powerful have controlled the masses through manipulation, propaganda, and religious dogma, you see why there are so many bad ideas still lingering around this topic.


Life is to be lived forward and can only be understood backwards.

- Søren Kierkegaard

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Podcasts This Week

Anger, Meditation, Simplifying Choice, and What Really Matters in Life with Scott Myslinski

Live Show #2 - Ancient Philosophy For The Modern World

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