Better Human 7/20/21

Happy Fathers Day To The Fathers Building Better Humans (and MORE!)

Your life is the result of your average day

You do the same average things every day.

That’s why your life is what it is.

It is the exact result of your average day.

If you want more, then you have to build growth into your daily routine.

It could be a 30-minute walk listening to audiobooks.

It could be a simple exercise routine.

It could be a reading routine or writing.

It could be meeting up with others doing things you want to do.

It could be a simple habit tracker or thinking time, or meditation routine.

It could be anything…. as long as it is above your average.

If you can improve a little bit each day, and make that a part of your average day, then it’s only a matter of time until you completely transform your life.

Once that habit takes hold, you’re on your way.

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My struggle with motivation

*I’ve been struggling with motivation because I don’t know what my vision is*

When I had a singular purpose in my business, I was focused and had no time for extensional questions about what I should be doing with my time.

I just got to it.

It’s liberating.

Now my life is shifting into another phase—a phase with more space and more time.

And that’s great since I have a young family, but it does not come without challenge.

For 15 years, I’ve been driven and focused on reaching my goals.

Now that I have checked a few off my list, it feels strange not to know what’s next.

When I was younger, ignorance and arrogance joined forces to make me determined and persistent.

In many ways, that tunnel vision is excellent.

As I get older and wiser, I become less sure. I feel like I know more and less at the same time—quite the paradox.

I’m sure this is a good thing, though it doesn’t necessarily feel that way.

It’s something I’m working through.

Your life is choice

Everything is choice.

Happiness is choice.

Success is choice.

Relationships are choice.

What you get is choice.

What you give is choice.

And how you respond to everything in your life is a choice.

There is nothing good or bad in your life—there is only choice of response.

That’s the secret of life hidden to many.

A Self-Improvement Guide For Men

Read it here.

I’m scared for the next generation

Our younger generation is being indoctrinated to ideas that violate natural law—that are unequivocally wrong and dangerous.


It’s short. Then you die.

You’ll have regrets.

You’ll disappoint people and yourself.

You’ll miss out on amazing experiences.

You’ll probably not do everything you wanted.

And it all matters—or it doesn’t—if you say it does.

It’s all choice.

You decide whether you will be happy and content with what you have or if you’ll choose self-inflicted suffering by focusing on what you don’t.

You’ll decide to be in the moment and direct your attention, or you’ll live in the future that doesn’t exist.

The Better Human Podcast Network

I’ve decided to do more podcasts!

Here are a few I’m working on and thinking about:

Better Human (Main show)

Better Man (Just launched, 20 episodes pre-recorded)

Better Finance (show one done, more to come, launching soon)

Better Relationships (Idea)

Better Life (Big ideas for life… idea)

Better Success (Idea)

I think I’ll post these to the main BH podcast feed (here) then also post each show to its own feed so that they are all organized neatly.

I’ve decided to reactivate my podcast passion. It’s been waining lately (as all my work has). But podcasting matters to me for various reasons, so I have to keep doing it.

Interesting Fact

The world wastes about 1 billion metric tons of food each year.

People starve due to corruption and government incompetence and not because we don’t have enough food.

This Day in History

“Jaws” released in theaters.

Did you know that you don’t see the shark for the first hour and 21 minutes of the two-hour film?

Better Human Podcast #149 - Take Care of Your Own Destiny or Somebody Else Will

When you don't take care of yourself, your family, your financial situation, and your future, you delegate those things to a government that might not come through when things get tough. In this episode, we talk about some basic aspects of a truly sovereign human being.

Full show here.

Bitcoin And Defi

I’ve been exploring Defi projects because it is fun/speculative for me, and I’m 100% ok with that.

That doesn’t detract from my Bitcoin maximalism.

The Bitcoin Twitter community has lost allure for me with the recent Robert Breedlove fiasco.

Basically, he tweeted about exploring Bitclout as a project and was thoroughly attacked and ostracized by the Bitcoin community he helped build.

This tribalism nonsense is pathetic.

Intelligence is holding two conflicting ideas in your head and still being able to function.

And I get it; many that dive into Bitcoin cannot detach their ego and bias from their thought process. This is just an unfortunate reality of human nature and something I’m always battling as I observe other humans in any group.

I’m both a BItcoin maximalist and a curious investigator of DEFI because I see DEFI destroying the banking system and I can’t wait for that day.

They will both coexist. They will both find whatever market they find.

It is not either-or.

The real enemy is fiat and government control.

Good article.

I just had the best 1-2 years of my professional life. That is NOT THE CASE for many that were victims of fear-mongering propaganda campaigns played by the powerful.

Your environment is killing you and GETTING RICH AS A RESULT

Many products for the masses pray on evolutionary mechanisms. The problem is dose. Nature used to control dose—we could not get the things we wanted on on-demand, especially without effort.

Today, corporations profit by turning us into chemical addicts.

"Most people don’t want accurate information, they want validating information.

Growth requires you to be open to unlearning ideas that previously served you."

-James Clear

How To Become Financially Free


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